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Heritage Lacrosse

Mission Statement

Heritage Lacrosse Overspeed Academy™ is designed to transform a coach-referred group of high school lacrosse players into elite college-ready players by focusing on bio-mechanics, lacrosse IQ and playing the individual and team game at hyper-speed.


There are many exceptional athletes capable of excelling in lacrosse at the high school level through any combination of size, skill, and speed. When these same players get to the college level, all the other players are just as athletic. The true separation of superior collegiate players from average players is a function of skill, biomechanics/technique, lacrosse IQ, and being able to play the game hard and FAST.

Too many players try to rely on simply being a great athlete in their quest to achieve excellence at the collegiate level. Nearly all rosters of the top D1, D2, and D3 programs are filled with former all-league, all-state, and all-American players. A substantial percentage of these players do not get meaningful playing time in college. The most successful collegiate teams are those that play very fast, very unselfishly, and with a high level of precision/skill at both ends of the field.

College coaches and teams need players who have been properly trained to play at hyper-speed, with flawless technique/bio-mechanics, and exceptional lacrosse IQ.

Heritage Lacrosse Overspeed Academy™ Program

Heritage Lacrosse Overspeed Academy™ has been specifically designed and created to address this void in the marketplace.  The faculty has been hand-picked and represents some of the very best minds in high school, club, college, pro and international lacrosse.  The inaugural summer 2016 program is in the following format, and is designed to follow the summer club season:

  • What: College-level training of 40 highly select players per group (10A; 16M; 10D; 4G = max of 40 players per group)
  • Who:  Elite/selected players in each of following groups:
    • 2019 & 2018
    • 2017 & 2016 (and current college players)
  • When: July 18 – July 27, 2016 (Each group will go 3 nights/week x 2 weeks)
    • Mon-Wed nights
  • Where: MSI Sports Village
    4881 Chichester Avenue, Aston, PA 19014
  • How:     Six 1.5 hour high intensity sessions per group
    • Position-specific, technique, bio-mechanics training
    • Live play Offense vs. Defense situational (odd/even play)
    • Live drills/competition
  • Tuition – $250/player
  • Click here to complete the online application/player info form*
    • This program is for elite level players only
    • You will receive notification once accepted

*Note – players must apply and be selected